Calentar en microondas

Heat them up in the microwave

Introduce your Biontech insoles in the microwave and follow our instructions in order to shape the anatomical insoles to your foot’s unique features.

Menor impacto en tobillos

Lower ankle impact

Thanks to our Biontech insoles, you will be able to reduce ankle vibration by 12.6%, resulting in further stability with every step.

Menor impacto en rodillas

Lower knee impact

With our Biontech insoles, your joints will suffer considerably less with up to 17.2% reduced knee impact. Ideal to practise any sports.

Menor impacto en caderas

Lower hip impact

Take care of your hips with our Biontech insoles, which can reduce lower back impact by 5.3% thus increasing your balance.  .  

Sports footwear insoles

Biontech insoles fully adapt to your foot’s unique features. By using them in your sports footwear, you will manage to reduce the impact on your joints, preventing future injuries. Our insoles are specially designed for sports people, allowing you to continue standing strong.


Everyday insoles

Biontech soles are your best ally to use with any type of footwear. You don’t need to be an athlete to be able to wear them. By using our insoles, you will reduce muscle tension resulting in further comfort. Don’t hesitate to wear them to any special occasions, even in closed toe party footwear.


Insoles for improved health

Using our Biontech insoles can provide many health benefits, including a reduction on joint impacts: 17% on knees, 13% on ankles and 5% on lower back areas. This shall result in lower muscle tension and fatigue. Our insoles are also indicated for people with diabetes and expectant mothers.


Work footwear insoles

Research has shown that people who wear their Biontech insoles during working hours can reduce muscle fatigue as well as ankle, feet, knees and hip pain. Our Biontech insoles are also antistatic, making them one of the best insoles in the market to use with safety footwear.


How to use our insoles

How do Biontech insoles work

Our advice

Customer reviews

Ana Herrero

3rd December 2016

I have been wearing them for 3 months and these insoles are amazing. I had plantar fasciitis pain and it helped me alleviate it considerably.

Federico López

22nd November 2016

I usually run on a daily basis, and since I started using Biontech insoles, they have become essential. There is no pain and they are fully adaptable.

Alicia Peña

11th October 2016

At the beginning I was intrigued about heating them up in the microwave, but it couldn’t have been simpler! Right now, I haven’t got a single pair of trainers without them.

Miguel Ángel Gil

18th September 2016

At work, I spend long periods of time on my feet, and the pain was considerable. I took a chance with Biontech insoles and they were great.

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