With the cold weather, getting out for a run can be harder, particularly for those who have only just started practising sports. Although staying at home under a blanket may be a very tempting and appealing option.

We have put together a number of tips by professional trainer Pedro Esteso to help you fight any excuse you may have to avoid training in the middle of the winter.

Tips for running in the winter

1. Arrange to meet someone

Running with a friend or a group will help you stay motivated. If you have arranged to meet someone you will run out of excuses to stay at home.

2. Sportswear is your number one ally

To fight adverse weather conditions, Esteso advices that it is crucial to keep your feet, hands and head warm. For that reason, he advises to avoid woollen fabrics.

3. Add 10 degrees to the thermometer

Remember that when you are running your body’s temperature increases by around 10-12 degrees, so dress accordingly.

4. Layers and more layers

Esteso recommends wearing several layers rather than excessively thick clothes which will make you sweat a lot more. Wear technical wear clothing to help you expel the sweat and, where possible, choose those equipped with zips in arms and neck to allow for ventilation once you have started warming up.

5. The first layer should be a technical thermal t-shirt

With this fact we continue to highlight the importance of looking after your running sportswear. We recommend using thermal or temperature regulating clothing that will help you maintain your body heat. Most importantly, choose thin fabrics.

6. Reflect ant clothing

Some runners like to run during the day while others prefer, or are only able to, run during the night. If you are in the last group, wear reflectant clothing in order to be seen. Also, take special care of the areas where you train when it’s dark. Ensure that you only train in well lit areas with lampposts and tarmac and be careful with any vehicles.
7. Warming up

Winter warm ups cannot be done in whatever manner. You must be more careful than during the summer. Take all the time required to warm up your muscles with continuous, gentle runs.

8. Mind the cold air

Always breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. During the winter, air is a lot colder and it may seriously harm your health.

9. Change clothes at the end of your training

As soon as you finish training, find a covered area to softly stretch and, when done, try and change your clothes as soon as possible, and dry yourself with a towel. Remember that every time you stop, your body temperature beings to decrease rapidly.

10. Always stay hydrated.

It is crucial to remain hydrated during your training. During the winter, it doesn’t feel like you are losing so much fluid. So, although you may not feel thirsty, try and take small sips before, during and after the run and drink something warm at the end.
And finally, don’t forget to use adequate footwear each time. Don’t wait any longer! Get up from your sofa, put on your running shoes with your Biontech insoles and go out to enjoy a good run. Let the cold weather be just another excuse to train outdoors!