To know how to take care of your feet on the work is important both for our health and our comfort. If every day you have to spend a good number of hours working on foot, it is vital that you know how to treat your feet to stay healthy and care.

1.- Use an appropriate footwear. The use of a good pair of shoes, comfortable and suitable to your size, is basic to take care of the feet. Also during your hours of work. Especially if you have to work for all or a large part of your workday. Are safety shoes, clogs or specific botadas, the fact that the professional footwear that you use is appropriate for your feet will help you to avoid having the sore feet and tired.

2.- Use Biontech templates. In addition to taking care of your feet will help prevent other discomfort and joint pain. By providing greater stability in the footprint, will not be so heavy work and you will be able to avoid sore feet. You’ll also notice thanks to the shape of your feet and the material they are made that don’t have problems of tired feet. The way you will notice other benefits for your body as a minor lading muscle and joint impact.

3.- Try not to work with wet socks. Can favor the appearance of fungi and other dermatological problems annoying. Whenever you can please have an extra pair of socks. So if they get wet or sweaty, you may change of socks to half a day, after dry carefully loes fee. It is a very simple way of taking care of your feet on the work that is not always taken into account.

4.- Apply creams that help the rest of your feet. Before and after your workday, use a foot cream to help you take care of your feet on the work. The effect of cold creams help to obtain a greater sense of well-being and to avoid being tired feet. You also will be helpful for this purpose creams relaxing effect. The anti-inflammatory effect are perfect for standing aplicartelas after working all day. So you can avoid the swollen feet. Now that you know how to take care of your feet on the work is the time to take these tips into practice. Work of foot will be less heavy by following these simple instructions and applying them every day you will be able to say goodbye to the sensation of sore feet and tired.