The foot archer is a fairly common disease among the Spanish population. This pathology can start to occur between eight and twelve years and, although with different intensities, it can be very painful.

Is, according to the experts, a bowing of the instep that causes a shrinkage of the foot and, therefore, that this area is higher than usua. The foot archer are associated with the fingers in claw or hammer toes, calluses or metatarsalgias and are contrary to flat feet.

The disease is characterised by the flexibility of the joints of the foot, as well as by the instability due to the lack of supports. This can result in another type of injuries such as plantar fasciitis, sprains or tendinits.


There are a multitude of factors that may appear foot archer. The most common are the neurological causes, that is to say, those who make reference to muscle imbalances, for example, shortening or relaxation of the muscles. Another of the reasons may be the alteration osteoarticular, trauma in joints or retractions in the soft parts of suppor.


Before a pain that do not know its cause, the reaction always tends to be alarming. In this case you can experience a pain in the arch area and the heel and also at the bottom of the fingers. In addition, you will notice some difficulty to use some shoes and a constant feeling of pain when walking. It is also possible to notice some instability due to the pain in the knee, hip or ankle.


The main objective, the relief of the painful symptoms, is achieved with a special treatment that consists in the use of inserts. In this case, and after numerous studies carried out with success, Biontech insoles to suit your foot and contribute to the relief of pain.

Our insoles , thanks to its intelligent material, get fit to perfection and modify the tread to achieve the necessary change in order to avoid headaches. Biontech insoles help to reduce tension in the area to plant and to mobilize the joints of the foot and thus counteract the rigidity.