Going out for a walk has multiple health and mental benefits. It helps you to keep in shape and also relaxes your mind from the stresses caused by the routine and everyday worries.

You can walk both around the town and around nature. In this case, there are several nature hiking trails for every level that you can do alone, or surrounded by friends and family.

One of Spain’s most celebrated paths, even on the global scale, is St James’s path. Several people have affirmed that hiking this trail has represented a total change in their lives. A unique, extremely satisfactory experience both from a personal and sporting point of view.
If you want to enjoy rather than suffer while hiking St James’s path, you will need to be physically prepared due to the number of miles that you will do every day.

For that reason, we have put together a number of tips to help you prepare for long distance walks.

Getting ready to practise hiking:

1. Train

Before embarking on a test like St James’s path, you will need to be prepared. Go for a walk every day for several miles increasing the distance slowly every day. Remember that you must strengthen your muscles in order to avoid injuries.

2. Footwear

It is essential to carefully choose the footwear that you will wear while hiking. Do not spare any expense when choosing your footwear, since you will be wearing it for several hours and miles, and at the end of the day, your feet and joints’ wellbeing will depend on its quality. We recommend breaking in your shoes during a few trainings to ensure that you can walk properly on them before starting the path.

3. Insoles

Insoles, like footwear, are also incredibly important. Biontech hiking insoles fully adapt to your foot’s unique features distributing the body weight and improving balance and safety with every step. If you want to enjoy the path at full capacity, we recommend wearing them, as they can considerably absorb the impact that affects the joints during walking, thus preventing potential injuries.

4. Clothing

We recommend using breathable t-shirts to allow your body to breathe. Depending on whether you are doing the path in the winter or the summer, you should wear long or short sleeved t-shirts and more or less layers of clothing. Where possible, use lighter clothes that will allow a full range of movement.

5. Head

Don’t forget your head when going out for long distance walks. If you are going to be exposed to the outdoors and the sun rays for several hours, you must protect yourself. Firstly, use sun screen, hats and, last but not least, a good pair of sunglasses.

6. Get hydrated and eat

It is essential to stay well hydrated and nourished to perform adequately. Bring along enough water and food to replenish your energy levels along the route. Staying well hydrated will help you follow your path with added strength.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy yourself and let nothing stop you. Have a good trip!