That arch fasciitis is affecting more and more people is something no doubt. A bad position, a bad posture when walking, a bad shoes or poor eating habits are some of the causes of such inconvenience, as everything can make a difference. However, thanks to the scientific advances that have been taking place for several decades, it has been found the best solution: the custom templates. We know how difficult it is to change of habits overnight and that is why we have created the insoles Biontech. It will be a totally unique template, created for you and that will fit to the shape of your foot.

The truth is that there are several factors involved in the emergence of the fasciitis arch, but there are very few people who decide to receive treatment and get it over with pain. Following the professional advice and using insoles Biontech, you will notice an immediate relief on the heels and it will be possible to walk without feeling those annoying jerks and pains.

What is fasciits arch?

You may still not be clear about what exactly this common problem and you are suffering. First of all you should know that the fascia is no more than an elastic band of tissue that runs through the lower part of the foot from the toes to the heel. When this tissue becomes inflamed, it generates a sharp pain in the heel and prevents walk normally, especially during the first steps of the day or after sport.

This delicate part of our feet, the plantar fascia, is dedicated to absorb and return the energy that is generated when you walk, that is to say protects the metatarsals and maintains the arch. Although, it is true that usually does not appear in people younger than 45 year we look to a professional so that you can determine the source of pain.

fascitis plantar

fascitis plantar

Cause of pain

As we mentioned at the outset, there may be numerous reasons why pain appears on the sole of the foot, but the most common is that it appears due to an excess of tension of the fascia due to a peculiar form of the foot, a bad footprint, a change of shoe or an excess of unusual activity. Another of the reasons may be a wrong alignment of the foot, in which case it would have to modify this to avoid the pain becomes chronic.

The tread is also a factor in the onset of plantar fasciitis and it is true that those with high foot arches or valgos, they are at increased risk for this problem. In the foot arches is a bridge higher than usual, while the valgos tend to sag toward the inner part, in both cases, the result is a lower support surface on the external side area, which increases the tension of the fascia and generates the mentioned pain in the heel.

plantilla para la fascitis plantar

plantilla para la fascitis plantar de Biontech

Solutions to arch fasciitis

The treatment for this problem consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1. In the first place, should be addressed to the principal cause of pain, inflammation of the plantar fascia. To do this are usually prescribe medications anti-inflammatory and the use of insoles for arch fasciitis as the Biontech. It is a validated by the Health Center Umaña and by the College of Podiatrists of La Rioja to help prevent injuries and pains at affordable prices that are far from the prices of templates for plantar fasciitis in orthopaedics. In addition, they provide a 44% more stability and balance in the footfall and, if that’s not enough, thanks to the use of a new intelligent material vibration is reduced of the joints such as the ankle or knee and ensures the adaptation between the template and the foot in a few minutes.
  • Phase 2. On the other hand, it must find a way to reduce that tension in the fascia gradually and it is recommended to carry out a study of the progress, An analysis of the footfall and footwear employee. It is a question of finding the source of the problem and to try to change the habits in the footfall to correct it.

As you can see, there are many aspects to take into account and the factors that intervene in their appearanceHowever, thanks to these templates for fascitis price of sale, you can correct a large part of the problem and return to walk without feeling any pain in the heels.


comprar plantillas para la fascitis plantar

plantillas para la fascitis plantar Biontech