Although running has a lot of health benefits, a bad run can also result in several injuries, so wearing the right footwear is crucial.

Footwear must feature a thick sole to absorb the impact of each footstep until you can’t almost notice it. However, in addition to the trainers themselves, you must also pay attention to the soles, which are generally very hard. In the worst cases, since they are made according to standard sizes, the insoles will not adapt to your foot shape.

Every foot is different and, at the same time, extremely complex. Your foot shape itself can vary a lot. E.g., your foot arch may be higher or lower (flat foot) than average. And you must also bear in mind any walking habits that you may have acquired, such as walking in tip toes, or walking with your feet pointed slightly outwards. These are important elements to take into consideration.

At Biontech, we adapt to every type of foot, regardless of the footwear or trainers that you are wearing. In this manner, we can provide a better grip resulting in increased comfort. Some of the most usual injuries amongst runners, such as plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendinitis, are largely due to the footwear in addition to several other reasons such as overtraining. However, using Biontech can significantly reduce the risk of this type of injuries.

As mentioned above, the most common injury is plantar fasciitis. This injury is caused by an inflammation in the bottom of the foot near the heel, and it can result in a long period without training, depending on the severity and the treatment followed. But in either case, it is a nuisance that affects your capacity to carry out your daily activities. Achilles tendinitis is perhaps the biggest worry for sports people. Firstly, because the Achilles tendon is the largest and thickest in the body. And secondly, because it can happen when you least expect it, almost overnight, and it can stop you from training for several months.

Therefore, if you are following a very strenuous training programme or if you have any foot issues, we highly recommend using our insoles. We must begin to realise that footwear is not all that matters. Insoles are very important as well.

Look after your feet with Biontech and practise any sport with added safety and comfort.