Summer is one of the seasons that we most look forward to. Longer days, warmer temperatures and, for many, this is also the start of the long awaited holidays.

Warm weather is a great motivation to get out and practise sports. But like winter, there are a number of precautions to consider in the summer to ensure that you make the most of your training sessions without allowing the heat to spoil them.

Tips for training during the summer

1. Clothes and sunlight protection

It is crucial to wear breathable sportswear to allow your body to breathe. Where possible choose lighter colours to avoid the sun hitting you harder. Head and eyes must also be protected from the sun, so wear a good pair of sunglasses as well as a hat or cap. It is essential to use sun screen on your face, arms and shoulders before going out for a run in order to avoid injuries and burns caused by the sun rays.

2. Trainers

Like all good runners, you are probably aware that both the trainers and the insoles are very important to enjoy a good race. Biontech® insoles fully adapt to your foot’s unique features. By using them in your running trainers, you will manage to reduce the impact on your joints, preventing future injuries.

3. Maximum hydration

Always maintain ideal hydration levels, particularly in the summer. Bring along enough water, isotonic drinks or, if preferred, a portion of fruit. Sometimes it’s better to adapt the training route to include areas where you can find access to drinking water to get refreshed.

4. Training hours

In this time of the year, we recommend going out first thing in the morning or as late as possible during the evening. It would also be beneficial to find areas with abundant shade, such as a park with leafy trees.

We hope that these tips will help you to achieve a good training, and to keep enjoying the summer and practising sports, so… GET RUNNING!