Running is fashionable, it’s obvious, but are we aware of the importance of stretching? Did we stretch correctly? Do we know what it is for? Do we know how to do them? At Biontech we are convinced of its usefulness and, together with the effectiveness of our templates, will make your body rest in the right way.

Stretching after running or doing any other type of physical exertion must occupy all parts of the body, legs, back, head, etc … since all, in a greater or lesser way, have participated in the exercise.

Here are some tips to make you aware of the importance of stretching after exercise, and we also provide some tricks that will surely help you.

Why is stretching important?

1.-Avoiding pain

It is usual that hours after making an effort you notice pains in your legs, your back is uncomfortable, your neck weighs heavy … Stretching after running will help your muscles to relax after being subjected to great efforts. This relaxation will contribute to the reduction of injuries and overloads.

2.- Lack of liquids

Who has not had any cramp in the legs after exercising? This physical phenomenon can occur due to an insufficient amount of liquids in the body or also to have low levels of minerals. To prevent cramps, stretching is important, and if you have suffered one, the best way to relieve the pain is to stretch until your legs are stretched.


Are you wondering how long you should stretch after playing sports? We think that each body is different and is accustomed to perform more or less sport to more or less intensity. As a minimum, it is good to spend between 5 and 10 minutes to stretch, and to maintain an average of 15 seconds each exercise. You will notice the results immediately and, in the long run, you will tire much less.

4.-Joint pain

Notice that your joints do not work as they should? Stretching favors the movement of joints that can oxidize over time and inactivity. Stretching is a natural way of reactivating them.


Relax and enjoy the stretches. To stretch after exercise is vital you relax as it favors the oxygenation of muscles. This type of stretching mixed with relaxation is the basis of yoga, addictive activity that helps to correct posture problems and improve our flexibility.

In short, the importance of stretching is vital when it comes to playing sports. Stretching with rubber, with ball, with towel, with natural … there are a thousand ways of performing exercises but the transcendent thing is that you mentalises of that it is necessary to stretch. If, in addition, you add to the stretches your Biontech template, you will notice a great relief that will end your pains.

We hope that these tips will help you in your training and improve your flexibility and quality of life. Do sport and … STRETCH!