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in 30 seconds

Introduce your Biontech 30 seconds in the microwave and follow our instructions in order to shape the anatomical insoles to your foot’s unique features.



Thanks to our Biontech insoles, you will be able to reduce ankle vibration by 12.6%, resulting in further stability with every step.



With our Biontech insoles, your joints will suffer considerably less with up to 17.2% reduced knee impact. Ideal to practise any sports.



Take care of your hips with our Biontech insoles, which can reduce lower back impact by 5.3% thus increasing your balance.

Biontech Pro

Everyday insoles

Comfort and health for your day to day. Biontech Pro Insoles fully adapt to the shape of your foot and offer a 100% breathable skin feel. They provide well-being and health, so they are ideal for day-to-day and for people who spend a lot of time on their feet. In addition, they relieve joint pain and prevent possible injuries, being highly recommended for sports fans.

Biontech Superlight

Improve your comfort, maximize your performance

The Biontech experience goes a step further with the Superlight, a insole with the seal of quality of the brand, but 35% lighter. We have applied high technology to offer athletes the perfect insole. They are 100% breathable and adapt to the shape of the foot, increasing comfort to maximize performance and improve the results in each workout, in each test.

Biontech Thermic

High technology for extreme sports

The definitive insole for extreme athletes. The Biontech Thermic works through a mobile app that allows you to heat the insole when the user needs it. It is designed and manufactured for sports and extreme environments that suffer from low temperatures, but also for sports that involve contact with cold surfaces, such as ice skating. They improve comfort and performance, keeping the foot always at the perfect temperature.

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Plantillas antibacterias y antimicrobianas

Muchas personas sufren olor de pies. Este problema no siempre tiene que ver con la higiene. Puedes lavarte con insistencia y minuciosamente los pies, que el olor vuelve enseguida. Hay varias causas que explican por qué huelen los pies. El principal motivo es que esta parte del cuerpo tiene más glándulas sudoríparas que ninguna: ¡hasta 250.000!