Biontech Insoles


Tiempo en microondas Biontech

Heat them up during 40 seconds
Heat up your Biontech insole in the microwave at home, with no further complications, and they will be ready in 40 seconds.

 Menor vibración Biontech

Walk on your insoles
Put your Biontech insoles on and walk on them for a few hours. They will slowly begin to shape around your feet and adjust to them.

Vibración Biontech

It adapts to your feet
Biontech insoles adjust to your footprint thanks to the plastic resin that can be reshaped after being heated in the microwave.

Capas Biontech

Wear them on a daily basis
Once the insoles have adjusted to your feet’s shape, you can wear them with all types of footwear and enjoy their comfort everywhere you go.

Comfortable footwear insoles


Biontech are customised insoles that fully adapt to each foot’s unique features through the application of heat. This is possible thanks to its base material, comprising a plastic resin that behaves in a similar way to memory foam. Our insoles are the only product manufactured from this material that is currently available in the market. Made in Spain with the highest quality.

  1. Reduced joint pain
  2. Customised insoles for your feet
  3. Increased comfort, balance and safety with every step
  4. Reduces muscle fatigue

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Plantillas zapatillas deportivas

Sports footwear insoles
Biontech insoles can adapt perfectly allowing you to practice any sport while reducing the impact on your hips and knees as well as ankles.
Plantillas para zapatillas deportivas

Comfortable footwear insoles
Biontech is ideal to wear on a daily basis. Forget about pain and give your feet some rest by using them in your everyday footwear.
Plantillas para zapatillas de trabajo

Work footwear insoles
One of the causes of plantar fasciitis pain is spending most of your working day on your feet. With Biontech insoles, you can alleviate any discomfort.

Customer reviews

Ana Herrero

3rd Decembre 2016

I have been using them for 3 months and these templates are wonderful. I had pains due to fasciitis and I relieved them a lot.

Federico López

22nd November 2016

I do running daily and since I have the Biontech are indispensable. No pain and totally adaptable.

Alicia Peña

11th October 2016

At first I found it curious to heat them in the microwave, but what a simpler thing! I do not have shoes without them now.

Miguel Ángel Gil

18th September 2016

In my work I spent many hours standing and the foot pain was remarkable. I bet the Biontech templates and perfect.