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Biontech ergonomic templates

Mouldable and anatomical insoles for comfort on every step


Easily adapts to the
ergonomics of your feet

Scientifically proven

Scientifically supported
medical study


Manufactured and designed
in La Rioja (Spain)


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Biontech ergonomic insoles

Our insoles represent a breakthrough in the quality of stride and weight distribution, preventing joint pain, improving balance and mitigating muscle fatigue when walking, running or doing sport.

Designed for athletes (running, cycling, handball, tennis, padel, etc.) and for daily use. Recommended for people who spend much of their day on their feet and people with foot pain or tired legs.

Their continued use prevents injuries thanks to the greater cushioning and the reduction in the intensity of impacts to the joints.

Benefits of Biontech insoles

Our insoles, patented and manufactured in La Rioja, have been scientifically tested by official quality bodies, such as UMANA BIOMECHANICAL ENGINEERING.

These studies certify that the insoles provide:

  • Greater stability of support: + 64%
  • Increased plantar comfort: +35%
  • Less vibration in the lumbar region: -19%
  • Reduced ankle vibration -14%

Studies certified the difference between plantar surface and plantar pressure in the same person using BIONTECH® and a standard insole

Plantar pressures with
Biontech Superlight®

Plantar pressures with
a standard insole

Prevent injuries and
increase performance

Heat them up

Heat the insoles in a microwave at 500W for 30 seconds or at 600W for 20 seconds.

Wear them

Insert the insoles in the shoe. Ensure they are not too hot. Stand up and exert pressure on the insoles for about 2 minutes.

Use them

We recommended wearing the shoes for at least 1 hour, as the insoles cool down gradually and the footprint will retain better.

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