Our history

The Morón group develops technical products, fabrics designed and developed to bring comfort, resistance and safety. Adapt to the new product manufacturing situation, Morón is able to develop technical solutions in Europe, Asia and America. Thus, it can meet the needs of all customers in more than 45 countries, complying with the most demanding international regulations.

The research and development of breathable, water-resistant and anti-bacterial materials has enabled Morón to reach other textile sectors as delicate and demanding as health, orthopedics or rest, thanks to its experience in the shoe industry. This progress is due to technological application in its production process, with improvements such as the production of lighter, more comfortable and environmentally friendly manufactured articles.


Is one of the brands of the Morón Group specialized in the manufacture of thermo-adaptable soles to foot's ergonomy

The personalized biomechanical sole that prevents joint pain.

Biontech® is the custom insole that reduces joint pain, increases balance and rreduces mucle fatigue by fully adapting to the ergonomics of the foot.

  • Personalized sole
  • Total adaptation to ergonomics of the foot (44% more stability of the foot)
  • Less joint pain (reduces vibration by 5.3% at the hip, 17.2% at the knee and 12.6% at the ankle)
  • More balance
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • Less muscle fatigue
  • 100% Total Dry

Antibacterial treatment


1. Because it's from Morón
You are guaranteed by the manufacturer and can count on all his experience in the orthopedics market.

2. Because they offer excellent results
Biontech® has the Biomechanical Quality Medical Certificate by Umana Ingeniería Biomecánica and scientifically supported study by the Official College of Chiropodists of La Rioja. Biontech® insolesare recommended for 94% of people. They are not recommended for dissymmetries in the lower limbs.

3. Because it's tailor-made
Customizable with a simple microwave, it is very easily adaptable to the ergonomics of each foot.

4. Because it's effective
Significantly increases the feeling of comfort and significantly reduces foot perspiration.


Biontech® custom biomechanical insoles are specially designed to increase the footprint and better distribute body weight, eliminating pressure. They are totally personalized to the ergonomics of each foot and adjust with a microwave, offering extreme comfort. They also greatly reduce the impact of walking, which produces vibrations in the joints.


In 3 easy steps, Biontech® will permanently adapt to the exact shape of each foot. Choose the shoes. Enter the soles (face up and parallel) into the microwave (500W power) for 40 seconds. Put them in your shoes and put them on. In about 2 minutes, you will have managed to mark your footprint in the soles. It is recommended to wear the shoes for at least 1 hour, as the soles cool gradually and your footprint will be fixed